Saturday, March 5, 2011

my crafty grandma

My family is going through a tough time right now as we say goodbye to our beloved Grandma Hyde. Six months ago we mourned the loss of our Grandpa, who is so dearly missed, and Grandma has now joined him in Heaven. My sweet Grandma was very crafty! She did a lot of crocheting of afghans, doilies, pillows, and crocheted purses for me and my sister when we were little girls, as well as dolls for us. She also was crafty in embroidery, needlepoint, painting, baking and decorating cakes...she was so talented and creative!! (I'd like to think that I got some of my creativeness from her)

One of Grandma's paintings that I inherited and LOVE!!!One of Grandma's needlepoints that my mom now has...When I was younger and my Grandma got to the point where the arthritis was too painful for her dainty hands, she passed down to me her crocheting hooks & needles, and her (now vintage) yarn basket. I have since crocheted 3 afghans!

My Grandma baked and decorated cakes for different events and gatherings, including weddings. Kind of awesome that I now bake and decorate cupcakes for special events...and I use her old (now antique) cupcake pans to bake them in!!

My mom made this counted cross-stitch for my grandparents to celebrate their grandchildren and it hung in their house for over 30 years. I look at this cherished framed handmade art that my mom made and am reminded of how blessed we grandkids are to have such amazing grandparents. The love they showered on us is priceless!! I will forever remember and love them...and will try to continue the craftiness my Grandma encouraged in our family.

I love you Grandma and will miss you immensely! And each time I look at all the things you've created, whether it be doilies, afghans, paintings, etc. I will be reminded of your great love for your family, and cherish all you've left behind.

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