Welcome to The Clever Corner's Crochet-A-Day Project! 

It will be fun to try crocheting new items daily. My goal is to learn new techniques, styles, and have a variety of items that I can share with others out there who love to crochet as much as I do! 

I will be posting photos as I go along, so be on the lookout daily for the new items I'm making.  I will also be posting some of them at my Etsy store for sale to those of you who are interested.  So check out The Clever Corner's shop at

1.1.2012 - My first time crocheting Fingerless Gloves

1.2.2012 - Very UNIQUE custom made Cupcake Fingerless Gloves.  I actually wrote my own pattern for these, which is very exciting for me!

1.3.2012 - Pattern-altered (meaning, I didn't follow the pattern and made it up myself as I went along) crocheted Headband / Earwarmer with a cute button accent.

1.4.2012 - Custom Cupcake Cozy for coffee cups from local coffee houses, as well as for soda cans.  I make these cozies regularly (I also wrote my own pattern for these), but made this Royal Cupcake Cozy as a special custom order for a buyer on Etsy.

1.5.2012 - Crocheted Cowl Scarf that I ended up twisting around making a neck & ear warmer.  It will definitely come inhandy this winter up here in WA.

1.6.2012 - A few items today...Valentine Cupcake Coffee Cozies (2), Water Bottle Cozy, Valentine Cowl Scarf

1.7.2012 - Gumdrop Slouchy Hat (this was started on the 7th and finished on the 8th...I actually did it wrong the first time around...the pattern didn't make sense at all!  So after 4 hours, I took it all out and started over, finishing on the 8th.  The correct version took much less time!!)

1.8.2012 - Owl Beenie...made up my own pattern!

1.9.2012  - Fun and Fabulous Rainbow Soda Pop Cozy.  I was trying out a fun new yarn that has multiple colors and this is how it turned out.

1.10.12 - Custom order at my Etsy store for one awesome pair of Cupcake Gloves.  Thanks for the support Julie, I hope you love your gloves!  I think you picked out a great color combo!

1.11.12 - I crocheted this little Soda Pop Cozy with a flower on it...something different than the cupcake cozies.  AND it can also be a fun Bracelet!

1.12.12 - A super fun crochted cupcake beanie...from my new 'Sprinkles' collection

1.13.12 - Some adorable crocheted gloves... from the 'Sprinkles' colletion

1.14.12 - Little mini doggy scarf.  I crocheted this on a two hour drive to this tiny little town where we went to watch some outhouse races!  That's right, outhouse races!  It was freezing and snowing, so while driving I crocheted this scarf for my mom's dog so she could be a bit warmer :)

1.15.12 - Today I crocheted a beanie, however it didn't come out right.  I really hate it when these people's patterns online are wrong!  It was supposed to be for an adult and its too small, it may fit a kid.  I also crocheted this flower, but haven't figured out what I'm going to put it on....maybe this beanie??

1.16.12 - I just LOVE this little "Yummy Treat" Plush Toy for a little kid or your puppy!  I just started crocheting, not knowing what I was making...and this is what I came up with!  I love it!

1.17.12 - My step-dad has been watching me crochet everyday since I started this Crochet-A-Day project.  He's been wanting me to start making some hot-pads and said that he would like some for his trailer for camping.  So since his birthday was today, I decided to make him some "manly" are his Camo Hot-Pads

1.18.12 - 1.19.12 - A super delicous Slice of Pizza Scarf!  Its so fun and fabulous!  No, I didn't come up with this idea on my own...I saw a pic online and tried to copy it.  I didn't have a pattern, so this was wingin-it!  The pepperonis took the most time, having to make each and then crochet on individually.  Kind-of a hassle.  But its finally done!!

1.20.12 - 1.21.12 - A fun and festive Valentine Sweet Heart Crochet Swag.  The pattern I was following just called for the individual hearts, hung on a clothesline with clothespins...but I decided to connect them and make a swag.

1.22.12 - Today I googled crocheted eye mask and found a free pattern for an owl mask.  However, as I began the project, halfway through I realized that the pattern was completely written wrong.  She had even repeated the same steps a few times for the eyes and beak, which of course would be totally different!  So, I had to improvise and come up with my own pattern...again.  I wish people would double check their work before posting it online!  I ended up making a completely different mask...I think mine is cuter, even if the eyes are way too big! LOL :)

1.23.12 - I had a busy day today...I had a cupcake gig that I was getting prepped for (ie, baking!).  I didn't get home till after 9:30pm and had to figure out something to crochet today that wouldn't take me very I came up with this fun 60's flowerchild headband

1.24.12 - I crocheted this cute hot pink wallet today.  I'm having fun coming up with my own patterns, like this one.

1.25.12 - Custom order for a pair of black crocheted gloves

1.26-28.12 - A super cute shimmer lime green crocheted ruffle scarf  (sorry, I couldn't do this in one day!)

1.29.12 - Crocheted Camo Mask

1.30-31.12 - Crocheted black visor hat. 

2.1.12 - SUPER cute and trendy crocheted headband!  Its got that vintage vibe that we all love...but this is my own little design that I made up.  I needed something small and easy to make tonight, since its about time for me to snooze!

2.2.12 - I was stumped today on what to crochet.  I just couldn't think of anything to do that would be simple and fast.  So I ended up making this flower...again, no pattern.  Not sure what I'll be putting it on, we'll see.

2.3.12 - I didn't have a whole lot of time today to crochet, so I just made a cute little Valentine heart.

2.4.12 - I again made up my own pattern, this time I'm not sure I should've!  Live and learn!  I had something completely different envisioned, but oh well.  Its still a hat, even if it doesn't look at all like I had imagined it would! LOL 

2.5.12 - Today is Super Bowl Sunday, so I had to make something with a football theme!  So I decided to make a football beanie.  I didn't have a pattern, I just made it up as I went.  It took me longer than I had hoped, but it was done by half-time so I got to wear it for at least half that game! :)

2.8.12 - I was not in the mood to crochet today, so I tried to think of something small and easy to make and came up with this.  Of course, its not the right season for it but now I'll know how to make more come Halloween! lol  Here's my cute little crocheted candy corn.

2.11.12 - 2.12.12 - I've been wanting to make a "granny square" for, well forever.  So I found this pattern for a granny square slouchy beanie.  It didn't turn out exactly like the photo, I think I used the wrong type yarn.  I need to pay better attention to the details on the pattern...using the right yarn makes a huge difference!  Oh well, its still cute, just different.

2.13.12 - I made these manly fingerless gloves for my nephew, Jake's, 11th birthday.  I hope he loves his new camo gloves! :)
2.14.12 - 2.15.12 - So I started working on a coffee cozy for my mom to give her on Valentine's Day, but I didn't get it finished.  So it took me two days to get it going.  Still, after two days its still not done, but I'll finish it one day! LOL

2.16.12 - So my scissors were causing problems pokin I decided to crochet a little cover for them today.  Now they won't make any holes in my crochet bag or the furniture!

2.17.12 - Custom order for one hot pink and teal cupcake coffee cozy off of Etsy

2.18.12 - Crocheted braided necklace and matching bracelet in green, with antique broaches attached

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  1. Love this! You must be pretty fast at crocheting to make something in one day. I guess I am just still really slow at it. Takes me a few days to make something small.