About The Clever Corner

Hi, my name is Jody and I'm the creator of The Clever Corner.

I started The Clever Corner in 2010 when I realized that my hobbies could be more than just that. I decided to use my passion for treasure hunting and my ability to create cute things to start my own little business.

Since my high school years, I've just loved to go thrift store and yard sale shopping.  I liked to find unique pieces of clothing to wear, that no one else would have.  I admit, I didn't always choose wisely! LOL  But I did enjoy having my own unique flare.  As I grew older, the passion for treasure hunting grew.  I still love finding unique pieces of clothing...or even name brand items that are usually a forture for pennies (well, maybe dollars heehee).  But my passion grew bigger than just clothes. When I moved out on my own I started shopping for furniture, houseware items, decorations, etc.  Thrift shopping had then become an obsession....one that I still have to this day.  I just LOVE a good deal and a unique item!

During most of 2010, I had been meeting up with some ladies from church once a week for a craft night. In the beginning we were learning to make jewelry, then later sewing, and...well, it was always changing. I found that I enjoyed making jewelry, but wanted to put my own flare on it. So I did just that.  Turned out that they were so unique and cute that friends were buying them off me.  So I started selling them online on Etsy creating my own little store.  I had also always wanted to learn how to sew...so one night in our class, we sewed pillow cases.  I was so excited I could finally use a sewing machine that I went out and bought my own with a Black Friday steal of a deal.  A whole new world of craftiness was open to me now!  I'm so glad that I was in the class with that group of girls!

Also during 2010 I realized that I was really good at creating cute cupcakes! I had made cupcakes here and there for get-togethers, but it was one night when some of us ladies were having a BUNCO night and I had signed up to bring cupcakes (everyone brought something edible to munch on) that I found it to be a passion. The night was a luau theme and so I decided to go all out decorating these lil things. Sure enough, I realized that I could make this something more than just a hobby....and I started doing custom cupcakes from then on, catering for different events and parties.

The Clever Corner is not only designed to show you how one man's junk can be transformed into a new treasure, but also to delight you with the most scrumptious and CLEVER cupcakes! Here you will discover custom cupcakes, cozy crocheting, creative crafts, project ideas, unique jewelry, and reinvented treasures.

If you've never experienced the excitement of a treasure hunt...you're missing out on the thrill when you find a diamond in the rough! When you find that one thing that's been discarded, unloved, and untreasured, and then having the vision to see its true potential...its pretty exciting! Being able to transform it into something unique and beautiful with a little bit of love, that's pure joy! Those items with cracks, scrapes, and minor damages that have been thrown out usually have the most potential to be real treasures...you just have to use your imagination!

Same goes for cupcakes...having the vision to see its potential and using your imagination and artistic nature to bring your idea to fruition.  I didn't get any formal training, I just started practicing.  I love to decorate cupcakes for specific themes, it allows me to use my creative side to come up with unique ideas.  I took an everyday recipe and tweeked it a bit to make it my own...and put my main focus on how they're decorated.  I just love making little mouthwatering pieces of art for others to enjoy!

Are you interested in an exciting adventure?  Then get going...put your imagination to work and start finding the unique possibilities!