Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Clothesline

What do you do when you recieve all your lovely Christmas cards in the mail? Do you hang them up, leave them stacked up somewhere, shove them in a drawer, display them on your fireplace mantel?...what do you like to do? Well, I usually hang ALL of my cards on my front door (inside of course) so that I can see them and enjoy the love that was shared with me each time I go in and out of the house. This year, since I'm in limbo and don't have my own place, I decided to hang the photocards I received in my bedroom. I wanted to do something a little different than anything I've done before, so I hung a small rope across the wall (using tacs so as to not put big holes in the wall) and used clothespins to hang the photos. I added a few snowflakes to bring a little more holiday decor to it...and there you have it! A sweet little Christmas clothesline for my sweet friends! What do you think? Its super economical, and super easy, and super cute (I think anyways).

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