Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cupcake Catering

I was hired by Ephrata First Baptist Church to do cucpake catering for their Women's Christmas Dinner that was held this evening. The event was a total success!!

For the last few weeks I've been prepping for this cupcake event that I was catering. I spent time brainstorming ideas for decorating the cupcakes, shopping for decorations and items for the display, making displays, etc. It was fun doing all these things, but it was especially fun having the help of my mom. She was a great assistant! :) We had a good time, well besides the stress of it all! LOL!

Before it was time for baking, the display for the event needed to be created. I was told that the dinner was going to be decorated in red, white, and silver with accents of snowflakes and crystal. So I ran with the snowflake and crystal idea. Because I just moved to WA from CA, leaving most of my stuff in storage in CA, I needed to either buy displays or make them. So I did a little of both.

My mom, step-dad, and I were on the hunt at different stores looking for things that could work with this display, but not cost too much money. We were at Apple Annie's in Cashmere, WA (an antique mall) and found an AWESOME antique sled. I saw it and thought it would be great to mix a little old with old sled with some silver, crystal, and snowflakes. And there it was, the decision had been made and the antique sled was bought for a steal of a deal at $24. The other items we needed were now gonna have to be made. My mom and I found some crystal candleholders at the local thrift stores, some silver trays at the Dollar Tree, and some heavy duty glue at the Craft was time for crafting! I made three pedestal serving trays and one tiered serving tray (you will see them in the photos below). I also made a holder for the menu that was set for the event, but it didn't work out exactly as planned.
This menu was supposed to be held up on the stand I made for it, but when I was setting up at the event the card was too heavy and didn't stay. So it had to sit below and lean against it...but here is the cute stand that I made for it.I used a small mirror from the Dollar Tree, a crystal candlestick from the thrift store, and a shiny new ornament from WalMart. The silver snowflake on top was added after the menu kept falling off. But isn't it so cute!? :)

Another thing that happened while setting up...when my mom and I got to the church to start decorating the table, they didn't have the size that we thought we would have. Instead of a 6ft table we had planned on, we had two smaller tables that were uneven. But, we made it work. The original vision was tweaked a bit, but it actually ended up looking great despite the setback...probably better than planned.

We cut it close today...all finished baking and decorating the cupcakes and decorating my table at the church for the event with enough time to go home real quick and get ready...just in time to make it back to the church for the dinner. We had a great night, I met some really nice ladies at the church, everyone just LOVED the cupcakes and display (some ladies even took photos with it) and only one cupcake was left at the end of the night...SEVEN DOZEN CUPCAKES were gone with only 46 attendees! LOL They were a HIT! YAY!!!

Here are some pictures of the cupcakes and displays (the pictures don't do it justice)...
In the picture below, you can see that in the front the menu sat in the middle with the four different cupcake choices surrounding it on pedestals. I wanted it to be as easy as possible for people to find the cupcake they were looking for :)

The cupcakes and snowflakes lined the top of the antique sled...

The delicious cupcake choices:

Here are a few of the pedestal servers I made...

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  1. Jody, This is fantastic and your display was so Christmassy and sparkly. I love the red/white and snowflake silver together contrasted with the dark red velvet and chocolate. Yummy. The antique sled was a perfect choice. I wish you and Bev and your family many Christmas Blessings. Best to you and your business ventures in Washington.