Saturday, January 7, 2012

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To my Fans-n-Friends of The Clever Corner...

Thank you so much for the support of my lil business. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog, as well as the items I've been making. I have enjoyed creating little items to sell on Etsy, as well as working on my cupcake catering business. I try to post things on my blog as often as possible to keep you all updated. If you leave any comments, please feel free to give me more craft ideas...things that you would be interested in purchasing. I will try to make it special for you! :) My business is custom work, I want you all to get something that you really want! So your input is welcomed.

PAGES: I have updated The Clever Corner's Blogsite a bit, including adding some new pages to make this more of a website instead of just a blog. If you look under The Clever Corner header you will see a few tabs including About The Clever Corner, Blog, Cupcake Catering, Crochet-A-Day, and Contact. I will be adding to these as I go along. I will try to keep them updated with photos, upcoming events, things for sale, etc. So don't forget to visit all the pages often.

FOLLOW: Also on this site is a Followers section (top right). If you click on the "join this site" button, you will be listed as a Follower of The Clever Corner's blogsite and will be notified when I post new be sure to join so you don't miss out on any news! :) Its nice for me to see who enjoys this blog too, so please join.

LINKS: To the right of the screen scrolling down a ways, you will see a couple links that will lead you to my other blogs. I have a personal blog called Jody's Journey about my Life, Stories, and Adventures. If you're interested, feel free to read up on my little posts. Some are more interesting than others, but that's life right?! LOL! I also have a photography blog. Honestly, I haven't posted on there in a long time. I broke my camera lens months ago and haven't replaced it. So you can check out JV Photo and see my past blogs...and hopefully when I replace my lens, get a computer with good editing software (I'm borrowing a computer at the moment), and start taking photos again, then I will have more blogs to post on there. I also have a website that I started awhile ago. It hasn't been updated in a long time, I'm usually just on this site now, that's why I'm trying to improve it...but feel free to check that out as well. Oh, one more...check out The Clever Corner on Facebook!

ARCHIVES: Also to the right of the screen scrolling down a ways, you will see where it says Blog Archives. There are dates listed and if you click on the year it will list the blogs I have posted in the past. I find its fun to go back and re-read posts from times past, maybe you will too. If not, NO WORRIES! LOL :)

Anyway, I just wanted to help you navigate through my updated blog/website. Updates will happen often, so don't forget to visit The Clever Corner!

So, I'll see you soon then.

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