Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Crochet

So its Super Bowl exciting day for so many! Giants vs. Patriots (Go Patriots!), delicious homemade chili (made by yours truly), awesome corn bread, lil smokies, veggies, meats & cheeses...and great friends! A fun day all around!

As you already know, I have to crochet something every day this whole year of 2012. So today, I made something that went along with the football theme of the day....


(with a fun poof-ball on top)

I was hoping to get it done before the game started, but no luck. It took me longer than I thought. But it was done by half-time and then I wore it thru the rest of the exciting game. Sad that the Patriots lost, but it was a good game. Its always nice watching sports when there's cute guys playing! LOL :)

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